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An Open Letter to Senator Ted Cruz:

May 30, 2016

Dear Senator Cruz,

Thank you for your courageous and unwavering stand against the corruption within both major political parties inside the Beltway, and the manner in which you have sought to confront it. Your tireless efforts, both prior to and during your presidential campaign, have achieved an enormous benefit to America, insofar as the root problems have now been largely made known to the American people.

Many of your staunch supporters have struggled to know exactly how to proceed since the suspension of your campaign. And with so much of America’s future hanging in the balance in this November’s presidential election, the course you chart in the upcoming months will be enormously consequential. Unfortunately, a vast amount of bad information and advice is clouding any worthy efforts of true grassroots conservatives to save the country and “Reignite the Promise of America.” I would therefore like to offer some observations and analysis of how “We the People” need to proceed from here.

First, it must be clearly understood that although the Trump phenomenon represents an unprecedented groundswell of righteous anger and patriotic emotion among many of its participants, this is by no means a guarantee of either a victory in November or a well-crafted and worthwhile agenda, should Donald Trump win the White House. Secondly, it will not be up to the American people to make the Trump effort successful, in the absence of a properly executed campaign. Rather, the onus of rallying and uniting the people falls on Mr. Trump himself. Bludgeoning recalcitrant voters with bullying and name-calling, or excoriating them as the impending “reason” for a Democrat victory, will only serve to reaffirm all of their former hesitance to support Donald Trump.

Banking on the fear of Hillary, by itself, is also a losing proposition. While warning of the danger she poses  is both necessary and worthwhile, as a campaign strategy, fear of the opposition historically only motivates about forty percent of the electorate. The defeats of Bush 41 in 1992, Bob Dole in ’96, John McCain in 2008, and Mitt Romney in 2012 serve as ample evidence of this. Fear alone did not suffice, leaving the Democrats to eek out a majority, which is ultimately all that matters to them. It is ludicrous and dangerous to presume that these realities will spontaneously change, of their own accord, during this election cycle.

Moreover, it is naïve to presume that if Hillary continues to sag in the polls, Democrats will merely coast into the general election, knowing that their loss is inevitable and passively conceding it. Such foolishness and ineptitude is the stuff of the GOP “Establishment,” which seeks to placate and appease. In contrast, Democrats fight to win. The likelihood is great that, if Hillary’s campaign cannot move ahead, Vice-President Joe Biden will suddenly be substituted as the “savior” of the political left, and all America. At that point, if the only rallying cry of the Republicans has been “Not as bad as Hillary,” they will be left scrambling at the last minute, while lacking any viable ammunition.

For America to avoid this dire scenario, and presuming that Donald Trump does indeed remain the nominee, another distinctly different element must be established, and steadfastly preserved as an essential pillar of his campaign. And this is where your stature and principle may become relevant, though the final outcome still depends on Trump doing the right thing, and remaining committed to that course.

Much of Donald Trump’s phenomenal initial momentum resulted from two precepts, both of which established an enormous emotional connection to the American people. They were the promise to fix the nation’s disastrous border policy, along with the less specific (but extremely energizing) promise to “Make America Great Again.” Throughout all of his wavering on many other significant issues, it is these two on which grassroots America pins its hope that he will indeed resuscitate our beleaguered country.

An intransigent commitment to “build the wall,” and resetting the nation’s priorities to putting its citizens ahead of foreigners, is essential. This includes both illegal aliens moving in from Mexico and Central America, as well as the ominous influx of Islamists masquerading as “refugees” from the Middle-East with the treacherous collaboration of Barack Obama.

Also, it is essential that the Supreme Court is not given over to a majority of leftist globalists, such as those previously appointed by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, whose goal is not to uphold the Constitution but to circumvent it. Fortunately, Donald Trump has already made a smart move in this direction by releasing his initial list of possible nominees, all of whom have established reputations as constitutional originalists. Again Senator Cruz, this is an area in which your inarguable eloquence can reaffirm the critical importance of remaining fixed on this course.

At this juncture, Donald Trump’s base of support, while large and energized, is both finite and fixed. Expanding it requires affirmation of the concerns of Americans that transcend the tactics that brought him to this point. Much of his appeal has been based on optimism, that can potentially degenerate into wishful thinking, and ultimately self-delusion among his staunchest of supporters. In the end however, it is only reality that will prevail.

Those with whom Trump has successfully made an emotional connection will remain in his camp. From here forward, it is the principled and thoughtful Americans to whom you’ve always appealed morally and intellectually, who will either rally to a worthy cause, or disperse in the absence of one.

Senator Cruz, the timeless principles of national restoration are as immutable now as they have been throughout history. Your presidential aspirations may have been shelved, at least for the moment. But the fight for America is far from over and your participation is still as crucial to the fate of “We the People” as it has ever been.


Christopher G. Adamo

Editor, www.RinoTracker.us

Chris Adamo
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Christopher G. Adamo is currently a resident of Missouri. While living previously in Wyoming, he participated in local and state level political campaigns there. He has written articles for regional and national print publications. For many years, he wrote a popular weekly column that appeared throughout the Internet. During the course of his political involvement, he came to the realization that the Democrats do not have a monopoly on liberal politicians. Sadly, liberalism is alive and well inside of the GOP. And it is there that it must be overcome if conservatism and the principles of America’s founding are to prevail in modern politics. The appalling nature of leftist radicalism of recent years, along with the clueless and inept responses to it from the right, prompted Chris to write a book "Rules for Defeating Radicals," subtitled "Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture." In it he explains who leftists are, how they operate, and most importantly, how they can be effectively opposed and overcome. It is available at Amazon.
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2 Comments on An Open Letter to Senator Ted Cruz:

  1. Frank Alexander // May 30, 2016 at 7:06 pm // Reply

    Agreed 100%.
    Ted was my 1st choice! Donald my last.
    I pray the latter gets elected AND fulfills his promise as a new born Republican, not as a RINO!
    I’m skeptical but hope!

  2. I support SENATOR CRUZ and his efforts to con’t the fight for Conser.

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