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Another Novel Idea For Republicans: Follow the Democrats

Larry Kudlow, Townhall.com

May 9, 2015

If the GOP doesn’t put together a sensible immigration policy, it will lose the 2016 presidential election.

When Obama beat Romney in 2012, with the former Massachusetts governor attracting only 27 percent of the Hispanic vote with his self-deportation argument, Republicans across the map decided they must develop an immigration-reform policy with an outreach approach to minority groups. According to the Republican National Committee, the days of harsh language and punitive legislation must end. In its place, the GOP must reconstruct the Ronald Reagan/Jack Kemp “big tent” theory of politics, where there is plenty of room for all groups — blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Millennials, women and gays. As Reagan put it, if you and I agree 80 percent of the time and disagree 20 percent, we are not enemies.

A lot of clear-headed Republicans have a strong dislike for identity-group politics. Me too. Instead, I prefer a program of economic growth, strong national defense, deregulation, low flat-tax-rate reform, free trade and sound money to unleash American prosperity and bolster national security. If this positive message is sold — to everyone and all groups — it will work politically.

But unfortunately, the Republican desire for immigration reform — and inclusive outreach in general — has splintered. That’s why I fear the GOP may blow an election it absolutely should win.

Making matters tougher for the GOP, Hillary Clinton has come out with a very strong, ultra-liberal immigration policy. It emphasizes a path to citizenship and charges that Republicans will never make immigrants more than “second class” Americans. She would include illegals, the parents of illegals, the 11 million undocumented workers and immigrants who have already been deported. She might even go farther than Obama with executive actions.

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It is hard to imagine that such thoroughly disingenuous and counterproductive “advice” is coming from anywhere within Republican circles. But be assured, Larry Kudlow is not alone. He joins the ranks of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, and when the audience is right, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, all of whom want to move America and the conservative agenda “forward” by bringing thirty million plus new Democrat voters into the country to stop it dead in its tracks.

Kudlow’s counsel contains every bogus and misbegotten canon ever devised by the open-borders crowd, from the notion that a flood of illegals will somehow boost the American economy, to that red-flag enumeration of their number as “11 million” (plus or minus a few dozen no doubt).

As many times as the GOP “Establishment” attempts to fool us into thinking they have a precise census of the illegals, their duplicity needs to be countered with a more objective and scientific assessment, like maybe a walk through Wal-Mart. Clearly, the “11 million” figure is once again being touted to convince America that the problem isn’t nearly as big as our eyes tell us it is. So for starters, Kudlow is among those who aren’t being honest with us.

Worse still, he seeks to cast the entire 2016 election as a referendum on the GOP embrace of amnesty, claiming in his first sentence that no Republican candidate can win without it. In support of this, he offers the 2012 presidential election, in which Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney by five million votes. No doubt, in Kudlow’s world, another ten or fifteen million new Democrats would have swung things decisively Romney’s way.

Kudlow next toys with some Alinsky tactics by accusing Americans who want to restore the integrity of their nation’s borders as engaging in “identity politics.” Perhaps Mr. Kudlow thinks that such things are the rule of law and the concept of citizenship are overly divisive, in which case he needs to start by identifying himself as a post-national globalist.

Amazingly, he attempts to justify such thinking by cloaking it in a warped caricature of Ronald Reagan’s “big tent.” But back when Reagan proffered that an agreement on 80% of the issues made politicians kindred, he would never have dreamed that the remaining 20% would include lawlessness, unconstitutional abuses of power, and a relentless onslaught against the pillars of traditional America.

One has only to consider Kudlow’s idea of what a good Republican candidate should offer as a vision for the nation to see how far he has strayed from the principles and ideals of Ronald Reagan. With the sole exception of a strong military, every other aspect of Kudlow’s proposed agenda would be solely monetary. With expertise like this in its midst, it’s no wonder the GOP image has degenerated to the state where many believe it is “only for the rich.”

And in response to the likelihood of Hillary Clinton as the Democrat nominee in 2016, Kudlow follows the standard course of the GOP “Establishment” which is to seek to appeal to the American public with a watered down version of her agenda. Sure Hillary wants to appeal to those “undocumented Democrats” by making their inclusion in our society and culture immediate. So Republicans should try to entice them into joining the GOP by just taking a bit longer to accomplish the exact same things. Apparently, Kudlow believes that the only way to beat a Democrat is to be a Democrat.

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3 Comments on Another Novel Idea For Republicans: Follow the Democrats

  1. There is a mis conception that the Republicians are against immigration, in fact the opposite. The opinions and commentary that are injected by some are unclear and do nothing but cloud the issue. The Republicans, GOP and even the Tea Partiers know the value of Legal Immigration. The short coming in my opinion is they do not know how or are afraid to verbalize on the issue. The GOP debates will be very interesting.

  2. It amazes me that Larry Kudlow would even consider such a thing. We need to close our borders and the sooner the better. It disgusts me he is putting getting votes ahead of what is in America’s best interest. It is obviously not in our best interest to have a welcome mat for illegal aliens. Let’s start with not having terrorists cross the borders. How are we going to feed and house these people? We can not afford to do this. Most inmpotantly is that Muslims are not willing to coexist with others. It’s convert or die. Frankly I am disgusted and astounded a Republican wound consider this. Our leaders need to be putting what’s best for America first. These people do not deserve to be reelected.

  3. Values and American culture are being changed before our very eyes. This was fought, won and ended temporarily in 1944. The hidden truth in my opinion is the sleeping giant is awake and will act when needed as Nick Powers put this so eloquently. For those not familiar, look him up and “Its not Over till it’s Over” “Things are not always what they seem” Majority of Americans hold Liberty in the highest regard and Americans not Politicians will be the protector of America.

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