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Another Warning About Marco Rubio

By: Daniel Horowitz, ConservativeReview.com

November 13, 2015

I remember the spring of 2013 like it was yesterday. It was one of the busiest times of my career. Republicans were working overtime to codify Obama’s open borders agenda into law, and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was the ring leader of the effort. The voice of the people was not being heard and we were subjected to fallacious talking points on a daily basis. Instead of working with conservatives, Rubio and his office coordinated attacks on conservatives together with liberals.

Along with several other conservative writers, I wrote dozens of articles exposing the details and the broader implications of the 1,000-page piece of bilge that is known as the “Gang of 8” bill. Instead of working with conservatives, Rubio and his office coordinate attacks on conservatives together with liberals. Even after all of his promises were exposed as pure fabrications, he still went on to star in ads for Mark Zuckerberg touting his bill as something it was not.

Now Rubio wants our votes and suddenly he is on our side. In order to convince voters that he has walked the Road to Damascus on the road to winning Des Moines, his campaign is promulgating the following narrative: Rubio learned his lesson from the Gang of 8 and now shares the same views on immigration as Ted Cruz, so nothing to see here – let’s move on.

There is a lot to like about Marco Rubio. But as it relates to the all-important compound issue of immigration, one would have to erase all of history to suggest he is on the same playing field as Ted Cruz. When it mattered, Cruz wasn’t just a vote for sovereignty and security, he was a voice for it. Rubio wasn’t just a vote for Obama’s prize agenda, he was a voice for it.

For those of us who fought with everything we had to defeat the Gang of 8 despite Rubio’s best effort to score the ultimate game-winning touchdown for Obama, we can’t just let this go. The only similarity Rubio and Cruz share as it relates to immigration is the same similarity that a firefighter and an arsonist share with regards to fire – they were both there at the scene of the crime. The one was a perpetrator of the problem; the other was part of the solution.

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In the wake of yesterday’s terrorist attacks on Paris, it’s critical that we take a moment and assess some facts. France, Germany, Sweden and countless other countries have allowed immigration of Syrian refugees. A decision I’m sure they now regret, which has resulted in widespread rape of women and children in Sweden and Germany and now the slaughter innocent defenseless people in Paris.

Beginning last month there has been an ongoing debate between the FBI and the Obama administration over its plans to allow untold numbers of these refugees who have caused murder and mayhem in other countries. That’s in addition to the fact we’ve already allowed more in than any other country, of which 97% are Muslim and possible ISIS militants according to the FBI director. The problem he says is that there’s no way to perform accurate background checks or to keep tabs of them once they’re here.

Paris was given warnings which they ignored. Are we so stupid that we will also ignore our own intelligence agencies who warn that this isn’t a good idea? If Obama has a say, the answer is “yes.” Should he push forward, things could become very bloody, very quickly. Unlike Paris, a large percentage of Americans are armed and can defend themselves. We MUST elect someone trustworthy on this most important issue.

If you watched the third Republican debate or were anywhere near news sources or social media, you are aware that the campaign is heating up. Candidates are simultaneously pitching their platforms while showing what makes them different (and theoretically better) than against whom they are competing. It is important for each and every voter to pay attention and make notes about who represents them and who does not. It sounds easy but often isn’t as clear to determine who’s telling the truth and who is telling voters what they want to hear.
America can not afford another Democrat as president, nor can we afford a RINO. Marco Rubio, despite his Obama-like oratory skills, is a RINO in every sense of the word. Here’s why:

1. Rubio vehemently ignored the desires of conservatives (just like Democrats) and had every intention of force-feeding America his amnesty bill. The day after Tuesday’s debate, he went on “CBS This Morning” and said “You have to bring illegal immigration under control and prove to the American people that that’s happened, then you have to modernize your legal immigration.” Sounds good, right? Except when he had the chance to do that in 2013 he flatly rejected it. Yet we are expected to believe he isn’t lying this time? Then he followed with something interesting… “Conduct background checks on everyone who’s here illegally and if they are criminals they have to leave.” Stop right there. Whether or not they continued a life of crime is irrelevant because the fact that they are “HERE ILLEGALLY” (his words) constitutes being a criminal by default. Rubio is attempting his very best shuckin’ and jiving,’ along with smoke and mirrors, to once again blur the lines of reality and sell sugar-coated malarkey. He then goes on to say those who aren’t criminals (translation: those who haven’t been caught and/or prosecuted) are rewarded with work visas good for 10 years! In short, it’s de-facto amnesty.

2. Rubio supports crony capitalism aka corporate welfare, namely sugar subsidies. Sugar farmers supply lobbying funds in exchange for the freebies. So much for limited government and the “free market,” because Rubio has no qualms about picking winners and losers.
3. Rubio actually thinks we should spend our tax dollars to rebuild after fighting ISIS. How about we just eliminate the terrorists and the Middle East can thank us by rebuilding themselves?

Are these ideas representative of conservative principle? Are they the truthful character traits we need and deserve? Is it possible that despite this very well rehearsed song and dance, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and willing to say whatever it takes to become the leader of the free world? You decide and vote accordingly.

2 Comments on Another Warning About Marco Rubio

  1. Shelly-
    Once again you’ve hit the nail on the head. At least Rubio had the decency of telling us ahead of time
    what he really is and how he would run our country. No surprise here which makes a voter’s decision obvious.
    Supreme Court Justice Roberts decided to surprise us with his Obamacare ruling and let us know what a
    Pig he really was all along.
    You are a wonderful writer and totally committed to your conservative values. I’m very proud of you and love
    the fact that I get to “see ” you every day. God bless you and yours.

  2. Marco Rubio is a traitor of the worst degree. He rode to startdom as a Tea Party favorite, and then as soon as he became big he showed us that he is an America-hating liberal democrat socialist communist marxist, just like Bush, Clinton, and Hitler. Rubio must not be allowed to hold any office higher than city dog catcher.

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