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Boehner Aide Moves to Jeb Bush Team: Connecting the Dots

By: Jake Sherman, May 15, 2015


Michael Steel, one of Speaker John Boehner’s top aides, is moving to Miami to work in a “leadership role” for Jeb Bush’s political action committee. Steel has worked as the press secretary for Boehner since 2008, when the Ohio Republican was the minority leader of a battered Republican party in the House. He has guided Boehner’s communications operation for seven years, helping craft the strategy that made the Ohio Republican speaker, and subsequently playing a key role advising him in day-to-day governing, including high-stakes negotiations with President Barack Obama.

Steel will be an adviser to Bush’s Right to Rise Policy Solutions PAC, “with a leadership role in policy and communications,” according to a source familiar with the role. Right to Rise is the precursor to Bush’s all-but-certain presidential campaign.

Boehner has been clear that he himself is a fan of Bush, and wants the former Florida governor to run for president.

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Rinotracker response from Chris Adamo:

If any more proof was needed to persuade skeptics that a Jeb Bush presidency would be disastrous for America, this politically incestuous move by Boehner aide Michael Steel ought to be sufficient. What can it say about Steel that he is credited with “playing a key role advising [Boehner] in day to day governing”? Could any reasonable individual actually desire an “endorsement” like that? To paraphrase Bill Clinton, “It all depends on your definition of governing.”

But the Steel narrative gets even worse from there. He is also considered key to Boehner’s “high stakes negotiations with Barack Obama.” What could that possibly entail, other than becoming an “expert” at arranging Boehner’s all-too-frequent unconditional surrenders?

Is Steel behind the countless “bait and switch” betrayals of the conservative grassroots by Boehner? Clearly, the RINO strategy that now rules in the Congress is to promise the American people real reform at some point down the road, while flagrantly abandoning conservative principle in the present, and instead fully embracing the Obama agenda. Receiving such dubious accolades from Boehner, Steel most certainly qualifies as a full-fledged member of the D.C. “Ruling Class.”

So it is no surprise that Michael Steel can make a seamless transition from the duplicitous camp of House Speaker John Boehner to the impending campaign of former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Like Boehner, Bush has shown clear disdain for the groundswell of conservatism across America, known as the “Tea Party.” Bush even went so far as to suggest a campaign strategy based on relegating grassroots conservatism to the political “fringe.”

Ultimately, the Michael Steel episode reveals nothing new about the insidious workings of the political elite inside the Beltway. However, when election time 2016 rolls around, and Boehner is once again making flailing attempts to convince voters in his district that his interests lie squarely with them, such tell-tale indicators as this will be worthwhile to recall.

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5 Comments on Boehner Aide Moves to Jeb Bush Team: Connecting the Dots

  1. This is just one more indicator that if you wish to have a truly conservative president the Oval Office, do not vote for Jeb Bush. The recommendation from John Boehner should raise huge red flags. The hiring of Michael Steel is simply icing on the cake. Thanks, Mr Adamo, for the Rino alert.

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  3. So true, Chris. Looks as if policies don’t matter. If Jeb Bush is receiving aid and campaign advice from Boehnor’s Top aid that is reason enough not to vote for Jeb Bush.

  4. keith jordan // June 26, 2015 at 6:34 pm // Reply

    Excellent Article

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