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Brewing Backlash Among Congressional Republicans Over Boehner Amnesty Betrayal

March 1, 2015

Chad Pergram, Fox News

Multiple reports that House Speaker John Boehner has cut a deal to pass a long-term funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security without ties to rolling back President Obama’s executive action on immigration has reignited rumblings about a Boehner coup. The deal was purportedly struck as the House agreed late Friday night to fund the agency for seven days to avoid a partial shutdown.

At least one congressional aide said the deal between Boehner and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was to get enough Democratic votes in the Republican-led chamber to avoid the shutdown at midnight Friday, in exchange for Boehner’s promise to allow a vote next week on a long-term funding bill “clean” of the immigration issue. Boehner spokesman Mike Steel told Fox News that such a deal doesn’t exist. Pelosi’s office has neither confirmed nor denied such a deal.

The calls for Boehner’s ouster appear to be coming mostly from the 50-plus, most-conservative members who formed the new Freedom Caucus. And they appear to be growing more restless. The number of House Republicans who voted Friday night against the 7-day funding for DHS was 55, compared to 52 who voted against the failed 3-week funding bill earlier in the evening.

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It is understandable that congressional Republicans who are truly interested in halting Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty would be outraged that “Republican” House Speaker John Boehner has been working behind closed doors with Democrats to craft a workable “sellout.” However, any who claim to be surprised at his actions are either completely deceitful or dangerously naïve. From the start, neither Boehner nor his accomplice in the Senate, Majority “Leader” Mitch McConnell, have had any intention of actually interfering with Obama’s effort to give full amnesty to the thirty-plus million illegals presently in the country. Neither the Democrat agenda, nor the big monied interests pulling the strings inside the GOP would allow it.

So the shell-game continues. Each new move by the Republicans is carefully orchestrated in hopes of keeping the amnesty agenda moving forward, while appearing to the gullible masses out in Heartland America as a valiant struggle to save the country from the ensuing invasion. Every plan that includes a “clean bill” (read: DHS funding per Obama’s demands, with no preconditions) will forfeit any leverage the GOP might have had to pressure liberal Democrats to put the brakes on amnesty.

Though Boehner was reelected to his speakership on January 6 of this year at the start of the 114th Congress, a sizable rebellion emerged, which threatened his position. Having only failed to unseat him by a margin of four votes, further alienation of conservatives in the House could conceivably tip the scales against him. Unfortunately, too many GOP House members fear the repercussions of such disunity in their midst. Others claimed to be compelled by earlier commitments to Boehner in the immediate aftermath of last November’s elections, which doesn’t speak well of their priorities. If they believe that a post-election promise sufficiently justifies trashing the Constitution and abandoning the nation’s borders, perhaps they should be reminded of another “promise” they all made, their sworn oath of office. And of course, Boehner has vindictively removed some opponents from chairmanships since the January insurgency was quelled. So aspiring “career politicians” have a vested interest in not rocking the boat.

What Boehner cannot control or manipulate are the sentiments of the conservative “grassroots” across America. It is there that a resolve to oppose him must translate into action, such as calls to Republican Representatives, expressing outrage over the continuing march toward amnesty by both Democrats and Republicans. If GOP Representatives realize that they will face a backlash on their home turf, it can go far to counteract the big money that is clearly the first priority of Boehner and the other Beltway insiders.


3 Comments on Brewing Backlash Among Congressional Republicans Over Boehner Amnesty Betrayal

  1. Bravo! A n easy to understand,logical assessment of the situation. Thanks!

  2. Miami Conservative // March 3, 2015 at 3:01 am // Reply

    Nice site. This may be a little dated but with the current DHS funding fiasco from Boehner & gang we have the # 3 Republican in the US House back on 02/09/15 on the Hugh Hewitt show saying Republicans in US HOUSE will not BLINK on DHS funding bill. (Not interested in credit/acknowledgements but if you feel story is good to with it. Also if not what you are looking for please advise what you are looking for)


  3. Chris Adamo // March 3, 2015 at 4:32 am // Reply

    Thanks to Miami Conservative for this reminder of how Republicans were “Talking the talk” only a few weeks ago. Sadly, the movement has been entirely in the direction of Obama and the Democrats ever since. Clearly, those who want the integrity of the nation’s borders upheld, and Obama’s unconstitutional “Executive Amnesty” stopped, must make our voices heard loud and clear back in Washington. Otherwise, the Democrats will keep Boehner and the Republican “majority” in tow.

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