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Displaced Worker Attorney: Rubio a “Liar” Appeasing “His Corporate Donors”

By: Julia Hahn, Breitbart.com
November 25, 2015

American workers laid off by Orlando Disney are preparing a lawsuit against their former employer. They allege they were replaced by lower-wage foreign workers on H-1B visas— and that they were forced to suffer the indignity of training their foreign replacements.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the workers’ attorney, Sara Blackwell, provides details about the lawsuit, and slams the workers’ home state senator— Sen. Marco Rubio (R.-FL)— for pushing to triple the H-1B visa to appease his “corporate donors.” “I think Sen. Rubio is a liar,” Blackwell said:

When you tell America that there are not enough qualified American workers— whether you are Mark Zuckerberg, or [Disney CEO] Bob Iger, or Marco Rubio— when you say that there aren’t enough qualified Americans while hundreds of qualified Americans are being fired, and replaced by less qualified foreigners, that’s a straight lie. And I think Rubio lies. And the only motivation I can imagine he has to do so is the support he gets from his corporate donors.

Blackwell tells Breitbart that the Disney employees are filing complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is a prerequisite to bringing forth a discrimination lawsuit. Blackwell explained that by terminating the Americans and forcing them to train their foreign replacements, the employees will make discrimination claims under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Blackwell says that getting the American workers the legal protections to which they are entitled to has been difficult given the top-down pressure to silence the displaced workers. “Most of the American workers that were terminated are afraid to come forward,” Blackwell said. “They’re afraid to speak, afraid to file a complaint. The tech industry is very unstable and they don’t want to be blacklisted, which does happen. Most of them are worried and scared to come forward.”

Blackwell told Breitbart that she got involved in representing the tech workers after learning how American citizens are being discriminated against in their own country by virtue of their American nationality.

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It’s hard to accurately gauge the impact Marco Rubio and the “Gang of Eight” immigration/amnesty bill would have had on American workers because thankfully, the effort was stopped. However, we can see how Rubio’s decisions concerning immigration in his home state of Florida have impacted workers at Orlando Disney. Rubio’s push to triple H-1B visas has directly caused qualified American workers, who are primarily women over 40 and non Indian, to lose their jobs. Most often, they are being replaced by men who are under 40 and Indian. Despite the left’s claim of abortion being a war on women, abortion is still a personal choice. Women losing their jobs through no decision of their own fit much closer to that label. The lawsuit filed directly accuses Marco of doing such a thing because “Rubio’s top financial boosters are big users of H-1B program.”

In many aspects of life, and even more so in politics, it’s often unwise not to take a person’s words at face value. Sometimes people’s actions aren’t what they seem (i.e. Mitch McConnell) at first. However, an excellent guide to a person’s true self is how those actions and words trend. It’s not unreasonable then to conclude that if Marco Rubio already obeys the wishes of the highest bidder at the cost of American citizens, he will almost certainly do the same if elected president. Then, once again the voice of We The People will be silenced.

This election, those affected by Obama’s disastrous decisions literally cannot afford to remain apathetic and unaware of who will succeed him in office and what that person’s true character is, despite who they claim to be. America and the world at large are in a very fragile and volatile state at the moment. At such times we look around and wonder who we can trust. Who has our back and best interest at heart? Should a man who can be bought, and who’s idea of truth lurks among shades of gray (as opposed to black or white), be trusted for the highest position in this country? You decide.

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