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Dr. Kelli Ward Joins “How to Bag a RINO” Book Tour

By: Shelly Falcigno

How To Bag a RINO (By Gray Delaney and Zach Werrell, Published By Calamo Press) is a book that gives a detailed behind the scenes account of the campaign of Dave Brat, who surprised nearly everyone by unseating RINO Eric Cantor, the former House Majority Leader from Virginia. Authors Gray Delany and Zach Werrell give a first hand account of all the factors that Brat’s campaign faced, and what they personally experienced dealing with the opposing side.

One of the more intriguing insights into the world of politics is that being right on the issues and being ethical isn’t always enough. It takes all that plus an organized ground grassroots, being personable and having sufficient funding for the effort. Cantor had the dirty money, cutthroat people on staff invested in protecting the establishment, and all the advertising he needed. On paper, the odds were in favor of Goliath and not Dave Brat. On paper…not reality. In reality, conservatives were becoming aware of the corruption in their own party and a quiet but fierce resistance grew with the unstoppable inevitability of a tsunami. Thanks to innovative and driven volunteers, along with conservative talk show hosts, conservatives voted and bagged a trophy RINO in Cantor. Dave Brat currently has a Conservative Review Liberty score of “A” (100%).

Joining the author’s book tour is Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward, who is campaigning in 2016 to “bag” RINO Senator John McCain, Liberty score “F” (36%). I was recently privileged to talk with Senator Ward about this book tour, and her own similar experiences.

Senator Ward, why was being a part of this book tour important to you? I had spoken with Zach several times before the AZ tour and I was excited to meet with both Zach and Gray in person. A primary campaign is always challenging even though we are always told that if a person in elected office isn’t doing the job then they are going to get primaried. We hear it all the time, but it rarely happens and it is even rarer that the challenge succeeds. Incumbents are insulated and protected – they’ve stacked the deck in favor of themselves staying in office until they decide to leave, many times hand-picking who will take their place. They use the money and power they’ve amassed in order to maintain the empire they’ve built for themselves and the people they’ve deemed worthy to be a part of it. Unfortunately, they’ve forgotten We The People and that they work for us. This tour is important because it exposes what many of us have suspected about DC Beltway politicians and the ways they work to stay in office. In the case of Eric Cantor and David Brat, the tables were turned on the out of touch incumbent and a candidate of the people was elected. The hope was that those serving would wake up and listen to the people they represent; however, many have doubled down on DC including Sen. McCain. He’s doubled down on things that the people of AZ don’t want – amnesty, massive spending, bailouts, etc. instead of listening to the people. So the door is open again for We The People to make our voice heard by sending a huge message to DC – we have a chance to retire a DC dragon. Arizona has a chance to to get true representation – AZ in DC rather than DC in AZ.

Has your campaign experienced any similar struggles to what Dave Brat faced? I think all campaigns have challenges they have to overcome and we’ve seen many of the struggles discussed in the book. Managing people is always a challenge – getting the right people in the right place to be able to use their skills takes work. My team has evolved and we work hard to inspire people to be their best and when we do that, we all work together for one goal – to win this election and change the course our country is on.

What can conservatives in Arizona and across America do to help you retire McCain? Join this effort! If they are in AZ, we need their votes. We also need them to take friends and family to the polls with them. The energy and motivation in this campaign are amazing – we’ve taken the anger that conservatives have and we are harnessing it for the good of the country. If people aren’t in AZ, they can still be a part of this historic effort. Sharing posts on social media and using the Kelli Ward app to increase awareness of where I stand on the issues, as well as growing my name recognition, is something that is easy to do. Of course, it takes a lot of money to run a campaign like this so thousands of people investing even $5-10 makes a huge difference. And they can do that securely on my website www.KelliWard.com.

Your resume, experience, and voting record are impeccable. Is there anything you’d like people to know about Kelli Ward, the person? I’ve got a new “radio show” on my website – we call it KBFF (in honor of my bold, fresh, fearless campaign for US Senate). People can learn a lot there as well as on the website itself. I’m an authentic, honest conservative who is qualified, capable, and competent to take the reins in the US Senate and get things done for the people of Arizona and the United States.

Closing Comments from Shelly Falcigno:

It’s important that conservatives in Arizona and across America not only choose the right person to replace the president, but also look to their own state primaries and vote to replace those in office who are liberal or RINO. Effectively reversing America’s course must first begin with the American people making their voices heard at the polls. It’s been said countless times that this year is unlike any other in American politics. Conservatives must unite and vote to replace any who do not represent their values and principles. We must also support, if possible, the candidates’ campaigns in order to give them the best chance of winning, either by donation or with our time. In short, we can not afford to get this year wrong or leave anything to chance.

Shelly Falcigno
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Shelly Falcigno lives in South Carolina, and has a background in marketing and advertising. She was raised in a half-conservative, half Democrat household. She took no interest in politics until 2009, after Obama was elected, and noticed that he was doing the opposite of his campaign promises. Since then she has worked with two state-level conservative campaigns, and is often asked for strategy advice from various Tea Party members.

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