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Eighteen RINO Senators Who Voted For the Bloated Obama-Boehner Budget

By: Matthew K. Burke, Politistick.com

October 30, 2015

“Obama’s Mitch” McConnell and seventeen of his fellow RINO squish Surrender Caucus members gave Obama an early Christmas present early Friday morning, while American citizens, already shouldering an almost $19 trillion in debt — excluding trillions more in unfunded liabilities — received a trick, not a treat.

Passed by a 64-35 vote in the U.S. Senate, the budget deal would eliminate the debt ceiling until 2017, well into the next presidential term when Barack Obama will be out of office.

Eighteen Republicans voted for the deal, including RINO relics Mitch McConnell (RINO-KY), John McCain (RINO-AZ) and presidential candidate Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC), who is hovering around zero percent in all recent polls.

Here are the “Republicans” who voted Yes:

Alexander (R.-TN), Ayotte (R.-NH), Barrasso (R.-WY), Capito (R.-WV), Cochran (R.-MS), Collins (R.-ME), Cornyn (R.-TX), Graham (R.-SC), Hatch (R.-UT), Kirk (R.-Il), McCain (R.-AZ), McConnell (R.-KY), Murkowski (R.-AK), Roberts (R.-KS), Rounds (R.-SD), Thune (R.-SD), Tillis (R.-NC), and Wicker (R.-MS).

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Currently the National debt is at over 18 Trillion dollars and is rising a million dollars a minute. That’s double the half million a minute rate it was in 2011. Greece, who recently went bankrupt as a country, had 177% government debt compared to it’s GDP. Guess what? Ours is higher. It baffles even the casual observer how either, let alone both parties, could agree to keep borrowing and spending. It’s as if they want to bankrupt America.

It’s probably no surprise given their track record, that Senators like Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte and Susan Collins would once again betray their constituents and cross party lines to vote for such a spending bill. However, consider for a moment that Senator Lindsey Graham, who is running for president (albeit very badly), would also vote for such a bad idea. We literally can not afford to have someone like him in charge and neither can we afford to keep RINOs in office like the ones who keep showing up on these lists.

“The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from it’s government.” – Thomas Paine

We call ourselves patriots and we say that we love our country, but are we doing enough to purify that which is obviously corrupted? If so, how? Are we getting together and making sure the right people are running to replace the ones who keep betraying the party? Most importantly, are we voting in state level elections as well as at the Federal level? Considering that only a Democrat is challenging New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, I think the answer is NO!

It’s not enough to simply identify and make known who the RINOs are, we must also take initiative. We can no longer shrug our shoulders and hope someone else deals with it. This country is, in some respects, like the last stand at the Alamo. If only a handful stand to protect it, it will surely be destroyed taking us along with it. It is this writer’s hope and prayer that each reader reaches out and does all that he or she can at every level to fight for America because make no mistake, we are at war within ourselves. The outcome will either make or break this great nation.


Shelly Falcigno
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Shelly Falcigno lives in South Carolina, and has a background in marketing and advertising. She was raised in a half-conservative, half Democrat household. She took no interest in politics until 2009, after Obama was elected, and noticed that he was doing the opposite of his campaign promises. Since then she has worked with two state-level conservative campaigns, and is often asked for strategy advice from various Tea Party members.

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  1. Bolstering the prescience of Shelly’s commentary, here’s a statement from Senator Mike Lee (R.-UT) who, like Ted Cruz, isn’t afraid to confront the GOP “Establishment” on its collaboration with the Democrats and treachery against “We the People.”


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