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GOP Establishment Hopes For 2016 Are Evaporating

by: Charlie Spiering, Breitbart.com

May 6, 2015

A new poll shows that former Florida governor Jeb Bush is losing steam in Iowa as he continues to travel early primary states to tout his presidential bid.

The latest Quinnipiac poll in Iowa shows that Bush has fallen five points since a February survey showed him at ten percent.

Bush now comes in at 5 percent, putting him in seventh place in the likely field of Republican primary candidates. Ben Carson is now registering at seven percent.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker retains his lead in the state with 21 percent. Senator Marco Rubio (R.-FL) and Senator Rand Paul (R.-KY) are tied at 13 percent, while Senator Ted Cruz (R.-TX) holds 12 percent support and just-announced Mike Huckabee rests at 11 percent.

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Rinotracker response from Chris Adamo:

With Hillary Clinton’s campaign facing mounting scandal and public disillusionment, the last best hope for Beltway Insiders who call themselves “Republican” to maintain their status quo of bloated government and expanded extra-constitutional powers over the peasantry is a Jeb Bush presidency. Make no mistake about it, all of the big money and influence among the GOP “Establishment” has already joined with Bush to create the impression of unstoppable political momentum. Time and again, Americans are informed that Bush has both the greatest potential to be the Republican nominee, and the best chances of beating Hillary in 2016.

The only problem for these ruling class Republicans is that people on Main street are no longer buying their monotonously predictable political analyses. Whereas in the past, such platitudes as “most electable” were almost sure winners in the court of public opinion, these days such notions are falling on deaf ears. And specifically as such “professional opinions” pertain to the Jeb Bush candidacy, the public is neither enthused over his agenda, nor accepting of his ability to prevail against the Democrats.

Despite the enormous sums of money, free publicity, and high-powered endorsements Bush has enjoyed, his standing in Iowa is barely on the radar screen, and falling. In contrast to Bush’s paltry 5% showing, Scott Walker holds a commanding lead of 21% in this crowded field. Even former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who just officially announced, stands at more then double Bush’s numbers.

It is altogether likely that the shrillness from the “Establishment” will increase their and that outlandish assertions of Bush’s worthiness will exceed that of recent months. Karl Rove, noted RINO strategist and self-declared enemy of grassroots conservatism, insists that Bush is a conservative stalwart. To say that Rove’s claim rings a bit hollow is to severely understate his total disconnect with the conservative grassroots.

For his part, Jeb Bush is attempting to throw a few crumbs to the gullible masses. Sounding remarkably similar to the Tea Party he and his professional cohorts have casually dismissed in the past, Bush recently cited a litany of conservative principles while giving a commencement speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg Virginia. What Bush failed to convey was any notion of how such ideals would square with the massive influx of new “Democrat” voters he would enable with his intended amnesty for illegal immigrants. Nor could he reconcile such thinking with the antithetical ideology of Barack Obama’s “Common Core” takeover of Americas educational system, an effort Bush vehemently supports.

Hopefully, those Republican contenders who are truly conservative, and actually seek to rebuff the liberal onslaught of the Obama administration can rise above the gauntlet of high-dollar Beltway propaganda coming from both parties, and remain connected with the American people. So far, the indications from Iowa look extremely promising.

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5 Comments on GOP Establishment Hopes For 2016 Are Evaporating

  1. cachick1111 // May 10, 2015 at 11:04 pm // Reply

    In my opinion, the RINO establishment plays a political game too sophisticated for Scott Walker to combat, even should he defy all odds and be elected POTUS.

    Jeb Bush would simply further their agenda of sacrificing America on the altar of their global game of thrones and eugenics.

    Rand Paul is smart and savvy enough to stay ahead of them, however, his agenda would truly need the support of all Conservatives for him to succeed, and he has less charisma that he will need to get them to follow. Unfortunately he brings too much baggage with him through the flip flops of policy he’s demonstrated.

    Rubio has charisma but his stance on amnesty has been outed by his own mistake in speaking his true opinion in Spanish, sneakily. What else is he hiding?

    Huckabee has the experience and knowledge but has simply been around too long and lacks charisma.

    Although Ted Cruz has some catching up to do in the polls, he has the charisma, knowledge, political, monetary and financial savvy, incuding a deep personal loyalty and dedication to America that all of the people, tired of the flip-flopping Washington twostep are looking for in our next, truly American President.

    I backed Reagan when the only thing Californians believed him capable of was putting out a good movie. And I campaigned for his run for President because I trusted his motives and agenda. His forthrightness, moral fiber and honesty were what “We, the people” loved and admired.
    This same morality, honor and truth of character is what I see, feel and “know” in Sen. Ted Cruz.

    When the RINO money sees they have no future backing Jeb Bush, and we must convince them of this, then we must point out to them that backing Ted Cruz may not give them their full agenda, but will give America a solid base of eight years of growth and an uncomplicated political stance from which to regroup.
    And that is exactly how we got the RINOs to back Ronald Reagan.
    I’m up for the challenge, how about the rest of you? I could use eight years of the America I grew up in right about now, couldn’t you?
    I believe that, secretly, what all real Americans want after all the insanity since 2008, even the RINOs. A chance to simply take a nice, deep breath and relax.

  2. Like me, lots of Americans are fed up with the GOP elite. Jeb Bush represents these so called GOP. This is a continuation of the status quo. We are in dire need of real leadership that is willing to stand up to the liberal onslaught currently going on. It is time for a strong President who is willing to walk the walk not just talk the talk. Jeb Bush just doesn’t fit the bill. Thanks for your enlightening article Mr. Adamo.

  3. I do not trust any of the polls. I have lost trust in news media and agenda backed polls. Truth is, we do not need RINO Bush. Let’s get our country back to our roots.

    • That’s not the flavor most working Americans want in a President. The haute-tawdry, money mongers of Wall Street Elite foregone should understand this USA has metamorphosed into a problematic Obama stage needing to be reversed. It would take a real Republican candidate who recognizes that the moral fabric is torn apart because of government impeding on our Rights.

  4. This is so disgusting. http://bit.ly/1EwkL7p

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