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In the Bag for Fiorina (part 2): FAUX News, NRO having a Fior-gasm

FAUX non-news has joined the MSM in their Fior-gasm over Carly. We know they don’t really support Carly Fiorina – she’s just the latest establishment fallback plan to take out Donald Trump, as plan A (Bush) and Plan B (Rubio) aren’t working out so well.

NRO’s Rich Lowry has gleefully joined in the Trump-bashing by claiming during Wednesday night’s Kelly File that during the debate Fiorina “… cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon!”

So this is what passes for political analysis from the formerly “fair and balanced” network? FAUX non-news has been moving ever leftward the last few years and has no more credibility at this point than MSNBC. As for NRO (Not Really Objective?), they have long since abandoned whatever conservative principles that William F. Buckley may have once had.

The statement was totally classless on its surface, but further demonstrates the lengths that the elitists from both the MSM and establishment GOP operatives will go in order to sabotage any candidate that is not on their “approved” list.

As for Carly, WND columnist Erik Rush has an excellent column on why she should never be allowed anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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