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Jeb Bush buses in supporters to CPAC


NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — Perhaps in fear that he didn’t have enough backers willing to show up on their own, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s campaign organized to bus supporters to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to cheer during his appearance on stage and vote for him in the straw poll.

The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin writes that Bush brought people in from Washington, D.C.: “Mr. Bush’s supporters organized caravans of his Washington backers to attend his speech, and they cheered whenever anyone else booed,” Martin wrote.

Those same bused in cheerers also will likely be expected by Bush’s campaign to vote for him in the famed straw poll.

Betsy Woodruff at the liberal outlet Slate also obtained emails that prove Bush’s team was busing in supporters from K Street.

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Jeb seems to be taking a page from the Democrat “community organizers” playbook – if you don’t have enough voters, bus them in from somewhere else. Next thing you know he’ll be handing out Jeb-phones.


What should also be evident from this is that the political “momentum” supposedly enjoyed by Jeb Bush is the result of big money from the outside, and no groundswell of grassroots enthusiasm for Jeb Bush. His prominence in the field of candidates is strictly advertising and manipulation. Of course none of this should be a surprise. In just this manner, John McCain was thrust to the front of the Republican field in 2008, as was Mitt Romney in 2012. The GOP “Establishment,” with total disdain for real conservatism, sees a potential win/win if Jeb Bush gets the nomination. The differences between Bush and Hillary (or whoever the Democrat nominee might be) are far outweighed by their similarities. The only real “threat” which concerns them is the ascension of a genuine Reagan conservative who would likely spoil their party at the public trough.




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