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John Boehner’s “House of Cards” Verges On Collapse

By: Matthew Boyle, August 2, 2015


House Speaker John Boehner (R.-OH) had been planning to call up on the House floor last week a measure from Rep. Mark Meadows (R.-NC) that would have removed him as Sepakder of the House if it succeeded– intending to embarrass Meadows– but abandoned the plan after his entire leadership structure learned that they did not have the votes to re-electim as Speaker before the August recess.

“[House Majority Leader Kevin] McCarthy was making phone calls—he was whipping it—and so was [House Majority Whip] Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA),” a senior conservative movement leader who’s had many personal and direct discussions with various House GOP members about this told Breitbart News in an interview last week.

“I know members personally who were called by Steve Scalise. So they had the entire leadership whip team frantically making phone calls to members to whip the vote because they wanted to attempt to embarrass Meadows and call the vote [on Wednesday last week] so it’s not hanging over Boehner’s head.

“What they found out was the exact opposite. They found out bad things would happen, that literally they would be calling the vote without knowing what would happen. Therefore, they did not call the vote and now they have this issue hanging over John Boehner’s head for the next five weeks.”

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Across the nation, the people on Main Street can tell you that they are thoroughly fed up with the entire Republican Party “Establishment” inside the Beltway, and John Boehner in particular. The string of betrayals by this “Republican” Congress, in service to the Obama agenda, is breathtaking. And the list grows longer with each passing day. Yet the feckless Speaker actually thought he could hold a vote on his position and win it so easily as to “embarrass” Congressman Mark Meadows (R.-NC), his potential challenger.

From this episode, we learn that John Boehner is just as detached from reality and the sentiments of Republicans in his chamber as he is from the American people. Playing the “Washington Insider” game for so long and with virtual impunity, Boehner assumed that no “day of reckoning” would ever arrive. As recently as five days ago, Boehner dismissed the Meadows challenge as “no big deal.” But after sending his underlings out among the Republican caucus in the House to stump for votes, the results sent shockwaves through the GOP “leadership.”

It is hard to name an issue on which Boehner has given even the slightest indication of real principle since becoming Speaker of the House in 2011. And in recent months, his previous pattern of capitulation to each ensuing precept of the Obama onslaught has degenerated into complete abandonment of any pretense of supporting traditional Republican principles.

Whether dealing with vast deficits in the budget that resulted from demands by Obama and the Democrats, to previous promises of actually curbing the ravages of Obamacare by repealing or defunding it, the end result has invariably been total surrender to the political left. Last week, Ted Cruz summed up the dismal situation in the U.S. Senate by asking what would be different if Harry Reid were still Majority Leader. Sadly, the same question could be posed, in regards to Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner.

Judging from the panicked response of the House “leadership,” it is increasingly likely that Boehner will have to pull some slick maneuvering if he hopes to keep his post. And in the process, House members will be making judgments of the perks he and his cronies promise them, as opposed to the principles they swore an oath to uphold, as well as their own campaign promises to voters back home.

The Congress is currently in its August recess, having been hastily shuffled out of town before any vote on Boehner’s speakership could ensue. However, the genie is out of the bottle. Members of Congress know that Boehner’s position is hardly secure, which means they can seek his ouster and likely not face the petty vindictiveness he has inflicted on opponents in the past. In fact, Boehner’s decision to send everyone home presents a greater opportunity for the grassroots to meet with their Representatives and convey their sentiments regarding the Speaker. 

Meanwhile, Boehner’s credibility as a “conservative” continues to crumble. Charlotte Ivancic, a member of his staff, has been revealed to have family relations with ties to Planned Parenthood, and in particular, its sale of body parts from unborn children. Boehner insists that Ivancic is not complicit in any of the recently uncovered horrors of the nation’s biggest abortion franchise. Yet when faced with the possibility of defunding the organization, Boehner obfuscated with claims that he “wants facts first,” as if Planned Parenthood had not already established an abhorrent track record, long before the recent revelations of it’s nightmarish market for human organs.

Americans don’t need any more evidence to persuade them that John Boehner has either been completely compromised by pressure from the Obama White House, or he has always been a liberal at heart, and is finally revealing his true colors. Either way, the only option for America, if its current headlong lurch to the left is to be halted, is the prompt removal of John Boehner as Speaker, and subsequently ensuring that his replacement is a genuine conservative.

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  1. I am so proud of my congressman in NC. His courage will energize us for 2016.

    • Chris Adamo // August 3, 2015 at 9:23 pm // Reply

      You are right to be proud of him. Boehner is known to be very vindictive against those who get in his way.

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