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Leftist Lies and Duplicity Enabled by GOP Timidity

Rich Lowry — September 13, 2016

With the Clintons, mistrust always pays.

A couple of weeks ago, Hillary was yucking it up with Jimmy Kimmel over the absurdity of rumors that she was hiding something about her health. Look, she can open a pickle jar! That feels so long ago now that her campaign has admitted that she was indeed hiding something about her health — a pneumonia diagnosis late last week.

Some of the diagnoses from afar of Hillary’s purported illnesses have been elaborate fantasies and she might have really been fit as a fiddle when she opened the famous pickle jar. But through her secretive handling of her pneumonia she has, once again, shown how it never pays to trust a Clinton. Bill and Hillary have a way of treating the credibility of their allies as a disposable commodity, in this case including the credibility of a protective media.

The press had worked itself into a lather in recent weeks about the illegitimacy of inquiries into Hillary’s health. They were re-paid by Clinton leaving reporters behind without notice at the September 11 memorial; nearly collapsing when she was out of their view (the incident was captured on video by a bystander); giving them a wave and a misleading “feeling great” outside of Chelsea Clinton’s apartment, where she had gone to recover; leaving them behind yet again to go to her home in Chappaqua and see a doctor.

Her campaign initially said Hillary “overheated” (on a gorgeous and mild morning in New York City). Can happen to anyone right? Well, yes — and especially someone walking around with a case of pneumonia. Bill and Hillary have attracted more than their share of kooky conspiracy theories, but they have also vindicated some of the darkest suspicions of their most passionate detractors.

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The irony of Rich Lowry’s September 13 commentary is breathtaking. Throughout his article, Lowry makes a seemingly airtight case against ever trusting the Clintons or their media lapdogs over any questionable issue. So far, so good.

However at the same time that Lowry verges on hitting this ball out of the park, he also completely accepts the assertion of the Hillary campaign and its media lapdogs that the “real truth” of her health is that she’s suffering from pneumonia. In essence, the first two lies offered in the wake of Hillary’s near collapse during the 9-11 memorial ceremony were easily refutable, and thus another cover story had to be invented. So, based solely on the fact that the third “explanation” cannot be instantly dispelled, it is now to be unhesitatingly accepted by Lowry and everyone on the right as indisputable truth.

Of course, after being caught in two flagrant lies, the purpose of which was to deny any health problems exist, we are supposed to be confident that the recourse of the Hillary campaign would be total honesty. But if the pneumonia story was indeed “fact,” why did Hillary and her staff think they had anything to hide when they cloaked it with the first two excuses? Clearly, all three stories were and are ongoing efforts to avoid divulging information which might have serious political repercussions.

Furthermore, per standard leftist/Alinsky tactics, anyone who fails to now comply with the latest storyline is instantly disparaged as a “conspiracy kook” and thereafter relegated to the political “fringe.” Yet it was only a few weeks back that any question whatsoever of Hillary’s fitness and vitality was deemed “sexist” and malicious, with no room for further consideration.

Evident here is the manner in which leftists successfully dictate the framework of debating every issue of consequence, and how too many conservatives, by their Pavlovian compliance to such terms, totally drop the ball, and thus allow glaring malfeasance and fraud from Democrats to stand. Public disbelief of the initial excuse for Hillary’s behavior was so instantaneous and widespread that first an alternative excuse, and then yet another, had to be quickly put forth. Only at that time was it tenable for major media outlets to question the first two. And now that the mantra has been settled as pneumonia, any further inquiry is again off limits.

So, in Lowry’s world, it is currently acceptable to discuss Hillary’s health, but strictly as pneumonia, with nothing further allowable. Applying this same “reasoning” to all of the dubious Clinton family baggage, it is little wonder that nothing truly effective has been accomplished against brazen criminality ranging from horrendous and deliberate security breaches to the selling of State Department influence that were facilitated by it, to the disastrous murder of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Benghazi Consulate members.

Elsewhere within the liberal Democrat cauldrons, Obama’s IRS chief Lois Lerner has been allowed to completely escape accountability for flagrant abuses of power, since her Fifth Amendment obfuscations simply cannot (per the dictates of leftist speech Nazis) be construed as evidence that incriminating behavior had ever occurred. So from that point forward, the weak-kneed among the “conservative” opposition find themselves hamstrung from further objective pursuit.

As long as the political left is allowed to frame each ensuing controversy strictly in its own terms, its version of “truth” will ultimately prevail. At that point it is insulated from serious investigation.

Eventually, the dire and deteriorating state of Hillary’s health will reveal itself. Only at that time can Lowry and the rest of the Republican “mainstream” discuss it with more thoroughness. Liberal Democrats are counting on the possibility that the election will be over by then.

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