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Paul Ryan – RINO of the Year

(Originally appeared at Capitol Hill Outsider)

Normally awards are handed out at the end of the year for any sort of “person of the year” recognition. Sometimes, however someone becomes such an obvious choice that skipping the traditional protocol seems entirely appropriate.

One such case is the first annual Capitol Hill Outsider “RINO of the Year” award. The recipient of this “coveted” honor has distinguished himself to be a RINO in every sense of the word, and in fact has gone above and beyond the call of duty of demonstrating how precisely true he is to being a “Republican in name only”.

That person is Paul Ryan.

Mr. Ryan, since taking the position of US House Speaker, has gone to extreme lengths to ignore the party’s base. He has tirelessly undermined constitutional duty regarding spending, border control and national security vis-à-vis his positions on immigration and Syrian “refugees”.

Mr. Ryan’s breathtaking capitulation to Obama on the $1 trillion Omnibus Bill proved that he could actually one-up his predecessor John Boehner in matters of kissing Obama’s ass. In fact, Ryan apparently sees kissing Obama’s posterior to be a matter of high duty and calling, and has done this consistently since, uh…assuming the position.

In addition, the speaker’s refusal to endorse his own party’s presidential nominee in the egotistical hope that he could come riding to the rescue at a brokered convention as the establishment White Knight, represented an astounding repudiation of the will of Republican primary voters, who voted for Donald Trump in record shattering numbers.

Ryan did finally endorse Mr. Trump (under pressure from other, more practical RINOs), although it was the most awkward moment since Joe Biden creepily rubbed the shoulders of Stephanie Carter while her husband was being sworn in as Defense Secretary.

Since Ryan’s tepid endorsement, he has still continued to criticize Trump over virtually everything while couching his “endorsement” in ambiguous, thinly veiled threats.

The cherry on top of the proverbial banana split however, is Ryan’s recent claim that he would “sue” Donald Trump if as president Trump carried out his stated plans to pause Muslim immigration into this country (an idea now favored by at least half of the country).

Ryan says he would sue any president who exceeded his constitutional authority.  Without getting into a lengthy explanation, the President actually does have the authority to bar certain groups from migrating to the U.S.

Ironically, Ryan (and pretty much all RINOs) never display this sort of opposition to Obama or other Democrats. The “opposition” party seems to exist for the sole purpose of opposing their own base. Since becoming their “leader”, Ryan has brought this to an entirely new level.

For exceeding all RINO expectations, the choice is clear – Paul Ryan is our RINO of the year.

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  1. Kim Sarchenko // May 30, 2017 at 10:43 pm // Reply

    Please continue this site. It’s awesome and I’m going to promote it as much as I can on sm. I have a fairly large twitter base and I know others would too. GOP voters have finally woken up we have to gut the establishment. My pinned tweet right now is Trump voters get organized. Find new candidates and let’s gut the GOP establishment . They’re blocking the agenda we voted for. Keep up the good work and God speed. Excellent site.

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