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Paul Ryan’s Refugee Show Vote

By: Carl Hulse, New York Times

November 19, 2015

Less than a week after the Paris attacks, the House on Thursday is set to approve a bill that would introduce new screening standards for refugees from Syria and Iraq in response to fears that terrorists could enter the United States under the guise of the federal resettlement program.

The measure, which will meet some Democratic opposition, says that refugees can be allowed into the country only if the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, in concurrence with the head of the F.B.I. and the director of national intelligence, certifies to all 12 congressional committees that each person has undergone a background check sufficient to determine they are not a security risk.

The White House is opposed to the measure, which it said would provide “no additional meaningful security for the American people” and is a waste of resources.

But the maneuvering reflected some interesting tactics from new Speaker Paul D. Ryan. The measure technically does not suspend the refugee program, providing Republicans some cover from criticism they were denying refugees a chance for escape. It also institutes no religious test — another potentially inflammatory idea that Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and others have suggested as a possibility.

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It is with incredible speed and precision that liberal media flock to embrace and coddle RINOs when they are caught doing the Left’s dirty business, even though they don’t fully understand why some Republicans relentlessly fight on their behalf. Only when it suits liberals do they band with “Republicans” and let their inconsistencies and contradictions slide.

They hope we never find out that the RINOs and the media are equally complicit in what is happening to America, Europe, and all of Western Civilization as a result of the reckless, ideologically motivated policy towards Syrian “refugees,” enshrined by Barack Obama on account of his refusal to truly confront ISIS. Let’s not forget that ISIS was the “JV team” when Obama sent a message to them; a message that was (and is) loud and clear. America won’t fight. Anyone wins, as long as it’s not America.

However, Carl Hulse, a White House surrogate from the New York Times, seems all but befuddled that Paul Ryan, in his first act as Speaker of the House, tied a straight jacket around his fellow House Republicans’ ability to add common sense security measures to the “SAFE Act.” This is the name given to the new House Bill meant to protect Americans from being victims of more Radical Islamic Terrorism. Say it with me, “Radical. Islamic. Terrorism.”

Under the threat of VETO by Barack Obama, House Republicans voted to “debate” the subject of Syrian refugees, though in a underhanded move Ryan and the “leadership” sought to prevent pesky Conservatives from having a say in the matter. As a result, no changes or Amendments could be made to H.R. 4038, the “American SAFE Act of 2015,” which ostensibly requires Syrian Refugees to undergo a stringent vetting process to assure that we are not permitting criminals or would-be terrorists to gain refugee status.

Seems like common sense, right? Well, not according to House RINOs. A debate whose verdict is decided ahead of time is no debate at all, and Paul Ryan knows it. It is no wonder Carl Hulse seem stymied as to which side of the aisle Paul Ryan resides. All of the proposed Amendments were common sense measures intended to protect American citizens from a foreign invasion. No one suggested rounding up American Muslims. No one suggested internment camps.

Such “controversial” amendments were a 180-day moratorium on any refugee resettlement to the United States and a study to determine the economic impact of refugees on state and local governments. In a world governed by common sense, they would be totally reasonable. One amendment allows state governors to opt out of “refugee resettlement” programs. States’ rights are constitutionally protected.

Rep. Scheikert (R) from Arizona suggested that the Secretary of Homeland Security review the criminal and security related grounds for admission of aliens into the United States. Two House Republicans introduced an amendment to prioritize admission of refugees who are members of a persecuted religious minority community. For example, anyone for whom the risk of being an Islamic extremist is minimal should be preferred above avowed true believing Muslims.

Apparently, Ryan and his cronies deemed these amendments too extreme to ever be passed into law by Obama. So instead, they waved the white flag before any political shots were even fired. Shouldn’t Republican leaders let Obama make that choice and not forfeit before the debate has even begun? How is Paul Ryan proving to be different than John Boehner?

These amendments appear to be the kind of common sense, cool headed, Conservative “extremism” that John Boehner could not handle. So he left the job to John Boehner 2.0. With the aid of leftist demagogue Carl Hulse, a younger, handsomer, more energized “John Boehner” now carries the RINO torch. If his first decision as Speaker of the House is any indication of the future, he intends to be serving ice cold Lemonade and wiping beads of sweat off Barack Obama’s face as he vigorously nails shut a coffin with the American Dream inside it. The New York Times doesn’t seem to understand why this is happening, but rest assured that they love it when Republicans voluntarily lick Leftist boots.

However, it seems that the tide is shifting. The tendency of leftists to self-aggrandize might be catching up with them. The flagrant bias in the media is turning Americans away from “mainstream news.” While Barack Obama has inarguably been a scourge on this country, the “teachable moment” we must all take away is that despite the slings and arrows of baseless accusations towards Conservatives, the Left has literally nothing of substance to offer.

True Americans are waking up to that; democrats have lost a record number of seats in all levels of the government since Barack Obama’s debacle began. After all, it took an abysmal failure like Jimmy Carter to elect Ronald Reagan. Let’s work to make sure Obama’s replacement resembles Jimmy Carter’s replacement. In the meantime, it is no less important to send the RINOs up on Capitol Hill into early “retirement.”

We have to keep the pressure on them, and not be intimidated by this beached federal leviathan that relentlessly chips away at our freedoms. According to the Constitution, our national Charter, we are in control of it, and not the other way around. It needs us to sanction it. It needs us to pay for it. Yet it expects us to willingly walk into its gaping jaws and be consumed by it. Let’s not give it that satisfaction.

Brett Segal (@shackgeneral) is a musical political satirist and film producer from South Florida. You can hear him sound off on his support for Israel, the inanities of liberalism, and his views on current politics in his podcast, “The Disgruntled Millennial.”




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