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The Genie is Out of the Bottle

I’ll say it – stick a fork in the GOPe – the establishment is done. For too long the GOP elites and wealthy donor class have counted on all those “little people” to vote for the candidates they have selected. Their rallying cry, “Vote for (fill in the blank) – he’s the only alternative you have to one of those evil democrats being elected” was a familiar refrain.

There were the failed presidential candidates (Dole,McCain & Romney) who we were told were more “electable” by these kingmakers.

“Give us the House, we’ll stand up to Obama!” they cried. Then, “we need the Senate too – then we’ll really show Obama who’s boss!” Once elected these establishment congress critters proceeded to sell out – just like they always do, and gave Obama everything he ever asked for. In the meantime, the “little people” got the shaft again. The GOPe loves our votes but despise us. For years they have looked down their noses at a declining middle America. They felt nothing but contempt for those who lost jobs due to bad trade agreements and Washington’s utter disregard for immigration laws.

But something happened this year. Middle America has finally snapped and said “no more”. No more rich donor class telling us who to vote for. No more insincere promises of upholding the constitution. And yesterday New Hampshire has proved once and for all that the GOPe’s number is up. Next comes my home state – South Carolina…I don’t expect the establishment will fare any better there.

The campaigns of establishment choices Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio outspent that of the “outsiders” in astronomical numbers but yielded anemic results. The establishment was not just beaten, they were trounced.

The establishment didn’t get just how angry everyday, working Americans have become – that their anger at career politicians’ consistent betrayals to their ideals and values has reached the boiling point. Anyone who has been watching this for the last few years should have known this was coming – everyone but the establishment it seems, who perhaps saw but refused to believe their days of control were over.

The complicit establishment media will try to paint this in terms of the voters having a temper tantrum, but it’s much more than that. The genie is out of the bottle and the establishment faces a perhaps insurmountable task of trying to put him back.


Chip McLean
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Chip McLean is a former broadcaster and veteran sales professional whose interest in politics began in 1964 at the age of eight, when his parents took him to a Barry Goldwater rally during the presidential campaign. He identifies himself as a “constitutionalist” who has witnessed an out-of-control federal government - with the “help” of both major parties - disregard the very document they are sworn to uphold.

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  1. We have waited over 30 years for this. When Trump announced, it took two seconds to make our choice. We, personally, watched the elite, corrupt, snobs of the almighty GOP feed themselves off the well-meaning contributions of the little people. I tried once to help them save money on duplicate mailings and was told by some wheel at the RNC that they didn’t care how much money they wasted, they just wanted a dollar so we would be committed. Then we saw them send out fraudulent mailers promising our donations would go to specific candidates. Not one cent went to the candidates – they paid themselves and threw some elaborate parties. (Wish I would have reported them for mail fraud). The next election the state chair of this crooked RNC was elected to Congress. From then on, we dropped out, but did vote, complaining every time – “who selected these losers we have to vote for?”. Well, it’s different this year! It will be so difficult because Trump is about to ruin their plans for a New World Order (every candidate except Trump is a NWO puppet) and they will do everything they can to stop him. Trump is our last chance of saving our country from the hell the NWO has created in Europe. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for putting your life on hold to save our America!

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