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The GOP establishment is in all out panic mode

The fallout over John Boehner’s resignation as house speaker underscores the problem facing the GOP insiders. First there was the Trump phenomenon (which shows no sign of slowing down) and the RINO establishment candidates (Bush, Rubio, et al) polling near the bottom and failing to gain any traction with the grass roots.

Now with the departure of Kevin McCarthy from the establishment’s hand-picked list of successors to Boehner, the insiders are scrambling to cut off any delay in ensuring that one of their own becomes the next speaker, by trying to rubber stamp Paul Ryan…

Paul Ryan? Chamber of commerce, pro-open borders shill Paul Ryan? Pro-Obamatrade Paul Ryan?  If you like how much of a sellout John Boehner was, you’ll love Paul Ryan.

We don’t need Boehner II. We all need to be burning up the phones and faxes to our congress critters and let them know that Paul Ryan as a quick “solution” is no solution at all and is totally unacceptable.

Just as none of the establishment’s presidential candidates are going anywhere, their “A-list” for Boehner’s replacement needs to be stopped as well. The time is now for throwing out the establishment sellouts.

Chip McLean
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  1. The GOP seems to be in high gear to desperately figure out a way to cheat it’s way through a chosen one. The truth is they just may be successful. Will phone’s ringing make a difference? Yes, We the People should never lay down and admit defeat to Rinos. JUST PICK UP THE PHONE AND DO IT. Call you’re Represenative and call other Representatives and the sooner the better.

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