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The National Re-Who?

The "National Review" is proving itself to be the"National Irrelevancy".

By now I’m sure most are familiar with the snobbish, sour grapes attacks against Donald Trump coming from the once venerable creation of William F. Buckley, National Review.

This bastion of “conservative thought” has now become so self absorbed that the very people who actually do live a “conservative” life everyday by working, attending church and believing in the nation’s sovereignty – are now held in contempt by these elite “thinkers”.

Their initial effort at attacking Trump was met with such a backlash that they were genuinely caught flat footed. They then proceeded to double down with even more attacks on what used to be referred to as “the base”. While this same bunch has always believed that the great unwashed common folks were worthy of their disdain, they had previously been far more subtle in their approach.

Personally, my favorite line concerning the NR attack came from Breitbart, where John Nolte facetiously referred to Kevin Williamson, (the author of a follow-up hit piece), “Thurston Howell III”.

Indeed…it is quite easy to picture Williamson, Lowry, et al, sitting around in smoking jackets and sipping cognac, discussing further ways to show everyone else just how intelligent and enlightened they are by insulting millions of everyday Americans who are fed up with a government that has nearly crushed the life out of our republic. They really have no idea how angry that middle America has become.

The real crux of NR’s indignation is that they are suddenly realizing they hold very little, if any sway with actual conservative voters. Their handpicked candidate Jeb Bush has failed miserably, and pinch hitter Marco Rubio is likewise going nowhere fast.

The National Review? More like the National Irrelevancy.

Chip McLean
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Chip McLean is a former broadcaster and veteran sales professional whose interest in politics began in 1964 at the age of eight, when his parents took him to a Barry Goldwater rally during the presidential campaign. He identifies himself as a “constitutionalist” who has witnessed an out-of-control federal government - with the “help” of both major parties - disregard the very document they are sworn to uphold.

2 Comments on The National Re-Who?

  1. Chip, u have exposed all the hidden egos in these elites you’ve mentioned. Talk about arrogance & hidden agendas!I’m an angry American & daily becoming angrier. How dare these egotistical pseudo-elites think they know all. That fact alone exhibits a lack.of intelligence & are so out of touch with we, the unwashed masses! It’s like “Twilight Zone!

  2. Very true Karin. The only time establishment politicians and their wealthy donor class care about everyday voters is when it comes time to vote. “Vote for us, you know you have to in order to keep out the evil Dems” is their basic message. Of course, once elected it all goes back to being business as usual. Nothing changes because the elites don’t want to change anything. They’re all about maintaining power and continuing on their road to globalism. The fact that after years of the dog and pony show working successfully, it seems that enough of us “regular folks” are saying “enough”…and it scares the hell out of them.

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