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Wealthy donors’ dog and pony show with Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio

(Washington Post) — Jeb Bush’s success in rounding up GOP donors as he pursues a likely presidential run has created a big question for his fellow Floridian, Sen. Marco Rubio: Will there be any money left for him?

That’s where Norman Braman comes in. The Miami billionaire auto dealer and longtime Rubio benefactor is expected to put as much as $10 million into a pro-Rubio super PAC if the Florida senator decides to run, according to people familiar with his plans.

“If there is a super PAC that’s founded, I will give substantially,” Braman said in an interview, declining to be more specific.

“I don’t pay any attention to that other distinguished Floridian,” he added. “I respect Jeb Bush, but I think we need someone who represents the next generation.”

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Well, well, well. Here we have an example of establishment politics at its “best”. The fat cat donors are staging a show for the gullible electorate to make it appear that they are being presented with a choice.

Marco Rubio of course is just another establishment RINO. He’s being touted in this story only because Jeb Bush has zero popularity with the base – and all the money in the world will have a hard time overcoming that. Rubio is an establishment fallback candidate; assuming that Jeb continues to strike out with the base (very likely), they will look to Rubio (or Christie et al) for their insider selection for GOP nominee.

“We need someone who represents the next generation” is laughable. What that really means is the establishment wants someone that can gin up support with conservative voters in the primaries but who will still toe the establishment line. Lots of luck with that.


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