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Why the Focus On Jeb Bush?

It may seem that we’re paying undue attention to Jeb Bush these days. However, that’s only because he’s currently in the limelight with his GOP “Establishment” backed effort to clear the 2016 presidential field of any truly conservative opponents. Going into yet another election with the option of full-fledged liberalism from the Democrats, as opposed to a watered-down version from the Republicans (and only slightly watered-down at that) is an abhorrent prospect. So we at Rinotracker will indeed be highlighting Jeb Bush’s dalliances with the “Establishment” of the party, all of which reveal increasing hostility to real conservatism.

But don’t be alarmed that this might represent too narrow of a focus on our part. Chris Christie still looms out there, along with the other “usual suspects.” We’re watching them as well, and will appreciate any “heads up” you can give us. 2016 has the potential to be a much-needed turning point for the country, and together we can make sure it turns in the right direction.

Chris Adamo
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Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of Wyoming. He has participated in local and state level political campaigns, as well as having written articles for regional and national print publications. For many years, he wrote a popular weekly column that appeared throughout the Internet. During the course of his political involvement, he came to the realization that liberalism is alive and well inside of the GOP. And it is there that it must be overcome if conservatism and the principles of America’s founding are to prevail in modern politics. It was for this reason that he and Chip McLean established Rinotracker.us. Contact Chris at: chrisadamo@rinotracker.us

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  1. Jebbie’s strategy WAS to let the others fight it out and then come in with the money at the last moment, while the vote was split, and put heavy money into attack ads. That was the tactic BEFORE Trump. He can’t buy the election this time because Trump can outspend him 10 to 1. So any money going to support Jebbie is going to go down the drain. All those industrialists and corporatists attempting to buy the vote by buying Jebbie are going to lose their money. Give Jebbie your millions and they’ll just get shredded in waste. Once people realize this, they’ll cut their losses and pull their support and Jebbie will go where he truly belongs… the back of the line!

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