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Will Jeb Bush try to lecture CPAC…Again?

(Washington Post) — The last time Jeb Bush spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he delivered blunt talk — an unwelcome lecture, in the view of many — about the problems with the Republican Party.

“All too often we’re associated with being ‘anti’ everything,” Bush said in 2013. “Way too many people believe Republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker, and the list goes on.”

Bush will return to the conservative gathering Friday as one of his party’s leading possible presidential candidates — but one who still needs to find the right way to connect with the conservative activists who have not joined establishment donors in an early rush to back him.

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Jeb Bush is the poster child for the disconnect between the GOP establishment and the conservative base. The GOP money machine wants to anoint Bush III despite his immense unpopularity with everyone except the inside-the-beltway elites.

Jeb will find the going tough at CPAC. He’ll probably try to overcome this with some vaguely worded tough talk about the direction of the country and the failings of the Obama administration, but talk is all it will be. Jeb Bush is a RINO, plain and simple.

We need another Bush like Bill Clinton needs more bimbos with DNA soaked dresses.

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  1. If we demand proof from Mitt without relief but for absolute proof…does that mean we're not racists or does it mean we're racists and anti-Mormon? This is getting complicated, I say MUMBA!!!! Lets get proof from both and we are what we are! Truthers. Plain and simple. And thAnM…UMBe!!!!

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